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James Blood Ulmer's Blues Experience

Review 01/15/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the Knitting Factory, NYC (with Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey) I attended the first show for James Blood Ulmer's blues experience, which started at 9:15pm. And it was funky, too!! Richard Panse ( and I were at the front of the stage, witnessing the drumbeats of the legendary funky drummer, co-creator of "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucka) and the mastermind behind the funky group, Mutiny.........JEROME "BIGFOOT" BRAILEY. Bigfoot's heavy bass drums & funky cymbals (which were used every second, with the help of a foot pedal) were the perfect complement to Ulmer's bluesy guitar chords and bassist Mark Peterson's funky bass chords!! There was a female vocalist (and a beautiful one at that) named Queen Esther, who sounded wonderful, especially on the song "First Blood". "First Blood" was recorded on Third Rail's album "South Delta Space Age" (a James Blood Ulmer project) and it's a fast-tempo, alternate rock song which did not fit with the blues theme of the show. In fact, it's totally out-of-place on the album. The show was a near-perfect mix of blues, funk and rock music. The show also included a kick-ass solo by Mark Peterson....this man can play bass almost as well as Bootsy. The show stopped at 10:18pm, with an eight-minute encore at 10:20pm. After the show, Richard and I went upstairs to meet Bigfoot. I was so thrilled to finally meet Capt. Hymbad (aka J. Romeo)!!!! It was so funny because Jerome recognized me when I first snapped a photo of him behind the drums! I had my picture taken with the Bigfoot, too! I also purchased three of Bigfoot's new CDs (Quazar's "Funk With a Big Foot", Mutiny's "Rome-Dog Vol. 1", and Mutiny's "Black Hat Daddy and the Silver Comb Gang"). Hey Jerome, I hope you enjoyed that little tip that I gave your lovely wife, for the CDs.....I KNOW YOU NEED ALL THE MONEY YOU CAN GET!!

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